NZTFH National Aquascaping Competition

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Aquarium Supplies NZ is a proud sponsor of the NZTFH National Aquascaping competition. Registration is free and some great prizes from both Aquarium Supplies NZ and Aquatic Plants.

Online Aquatic Plant supplier

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We highly recommend Aquatic Plants as a reputable and highly knowledgable plant supplier.

Please visit their store for some great prices with quality products! 

Purigen test

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I have decided to do a Seachem Purigen test on my aquarium and results were evident within 24 hours. The pictures were both taken at the same time of the day with the same camera.

**Before adding the Seachem Purigen

**24 hours after adding Seachem Purigen.

As you can see the water looks polished and pleasing to the eye.

Seachem Purigen:

Algae! Help!

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Most aquarists have experienced an algae bloom at some point or another. It is unsightly and very hard to control if you do not know the cause.

Algae take advantage of the imbalance between nutrient and light in your aquarium. Too much light without enough carbon dioxide (CO2) and other essential nutrients can often lead to an algae outbreak. By making sure your nutrient and light balance is reasonable, and with the help of a few products available, your aquarium will be crystal clear and pleasing to the eye.

Using the below as a guide will more than likely solve your problem:

  • Reduce feeding – most people tend to over feed their fish. Fish do not require much food and it is important to bear in mind most fish stomachs are no larger than their eyes. Uneaten food is quickly converted to ammonia, nitrites and nitrates for the Algae to feed on. An automatic fish feeder usually ensures your feeding volume is controlled.
  • Water Changes – By performing water changes you reduce nutrients in your tank and replace with fresh oxygenated water.
  • Vacuum substrate – Using products such as the EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge Extractor will significantly reduce excess nutrients in your tank.
  • Sun shining directly on your tank – Tanks should be placed in an area without direct sunlight.
  • Reduce the hours you are running your light – The more hours you are running your lights the more nutrients are provided to algae. Maximum 6-8 hours for a non-planted tank and 10-12 hours for a heavily planted tank should strike a reasonable balance. Put your lights on a timer.
  • Add some fast growing plants – Since algae and plants feed of the same nutrients you can add fast growing plants that will absorb nutrients faster than algae can take it up thereby controlling the algae growth.
  • Glass scrubber – during routine maintenance scrub your glass with an algae scrubber or Mag Float Glass aquarium cleaner.
  • Algae eating fish (Bristlenose Pleco’s, Siamese Algae eater) – These fish are effective algae grazers and fun to watch.
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snails – Be warned these guys have tendency to multiply to epidemic proportions if you overfeed - I am personally not a big fan of snails in a tank, but they do keep your tank pretty much algae free.
  • Seachem Flourish Excel – This is magic liquid CO2 and has even been known to eliminate the dreaded black beard algae.
  • Seachem Purigen – Purigen absorbs biological organic compounds before they are converted to ammonia, so if you are having ammonia spikes resulting in green water, Purigen will help. In my experience using this product is a sight to behold… crystal clear water!
  • Seachem Phosguard – Not an actual algaecide, but rather controls the nutrients algae feeds on.
  • UV Filter – Only eliminates free floating algae e.g green water, since this is the only way algae comes in contact with the UV light.
  • CO2 equipment – A pressurised CO2 set will keep your algae growth in check and your plants will grow lush at record pace.
Featured products:
  • Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser
  • Gulfstream Tropical Mag Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner
  • EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge Extractor
  • Seachem Flourish Excel
  • Seachem Purigen
  • Seachem Phosguard
  • Fluval Mini CO2 Supply set 20g
  • Fluval CO2 Supply set 88g
  • Hagen Nutrafin CO2 Natural Plant System with CO2 Activator and Stabiliser

CO2 or Seachem Excel in your planted tank

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The question often comes up, should I use a CO2 system for my planted aquarium or can I get away with only using Seachem Flourish Excel?

The answer is yes to both but it comes down to cost! 

CO2 is definitely the best option, but frankly it is the expensive option. You could go all out and buy a pressurised CO2 regulator, solenoid, PH Controller, bubble counter, CO2 cannister, etc which could cost you more than $2,500 in New Zealand. Cheaper equipment is available in USA, but unfortunately there are three challenges faced when purchasing these namely,
  • the CGA320 thread which all CO2 regulators are designed for in the USA are not compatible with CO2 canisters in New Zealand. This means you cannot refill your canister once it runs out; 
  • The plugs are not AS/NZS 3112 compliant, so you will have find adapters or pay an electrician to replace these. Warranties are normally void once done; and
  • CO2 canisters above a certain volume have import implications.

Fluval has luckily changed the balance to our favour by providing quality CO2 equipment at a very good price! The Fluval Mini CO2 Supply Set comes in 20g variant and 88g variant. These are top products that yield superior results for planted aquariums up to 151 litres.

Should you prefer the more natural option, Hagen Nutrafin has come out with a commercial version of the DIY CO2 set, namely Hagen Nutrafin CO2 Natural Plant system with CO2 activator and Stabiliser, which is a great product in my opinion and multiple units can be added to larger aquariums.

Alternatively you could go for Seachem Flourish Excel, which yields impressive results when used in conjuction with Seachem Flourish. The added benefit in using this product is you could continue using it even after installing a CO2 system. 

The pictures below are examples of the results you can achieve in your planted aquarium.

All that is needed is time and the right products.

Featured products:
  • Seachem Flourish
  • Seachem Flourish Excel
  • Fluval Mini CO2 Supply Set 20g
  • Fluval CO2 supply set 88g
  • Hagen Nutrafin CO2 Natural Plant system with CO2 activator and Stabiliser


Cycling your tank!

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Those dreaded words... Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates! 

You have purchased your tank and have been cycling with "Fish in" / "Fish out" and those dreaded Ammonia, Nitrites will not get under control. Be patient!

The reality of the matter is you are creating a mini ecosystem for your fish, and by doing this you have to build a population of nitrifying bacteria.

Fish in Cycle = only use hardy fish (Zebra Danios generally regarded as the best)

Fish out cycle = pure Ammonia (this is not easily obtained here in New Zealand)

Nitrogen Cycle

During the first stage of the cycle Ammonia will build up either via fish waste, excess food in your "Fish in" cycle, or from pure Ammonia with "Fish out" cycle.

As soon as the Ammonia (which are toxic to your fish) levels start to climb in your tank Nitrosomonas bacteria start to generate and the Nitrosomonas EAT the Ammonia. Nice! But wait there is more...

Nitrosomonas creates a waste product, also toxic to fish called...Nitrites! Enter Nitrobacter bacteria who in turn feeds on this waste created by their buddies, Nitrosomonas.

Nitrobater then finally creates a waste product called Nitrates, and these are less toxic to fish at lower and moderate levels and can be kept under control by doing regular water changes and by adding live plants! 

How do you know what your Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrate levels are? Simply use the API Freswater Master Test Kit. Just fill the tubes with water and add the solution to each tube. Give it a little shake (close the cap first) and then simply match the colour of the water to the colour chart included in your kit and Viola!

Test for Ammonia: Testing should be done every day until the Ammonia reaches zero! With the fish in cycle you should use products such as API Ammo-Lock or Seachem Prime which quickly neutralise toxic Ammonia and as a result keep your fish comfortable in the aquarium. 

Test for Nitrites: Testing should be done until the nitrite level reaches zero! Using the chart provided in your API test kit, plot the nitrite levels and take steps if nitrite reaches the danger zone. If at any time fish show signs of distress, such as rapid breathing or hanging near the surface seemingly gasping for air perform an immediate 25-50% water change and test daily until levels drop. Seachem Prime should be added daily to keep your fish comfortable until levels drop to zero
Golden Rules:
  • Ammonia should always read 0 in a cycled tank
  • Nitrites should always read 0 in a cycled tank
  • Perform regular water changes

What Not To Do

  • Don't add more fish - wait until the cycle is completed.
  • Don't change the filter media - the beneficial bacteria are growing there. Don't disturb them until they have become well established.
  • Don't overfeed the fish - when in doubt underfeed your fish. Remember that anything going into the tank will produce wastes one way or another.

Essential quality products

  • API Ammo-Lock or Seachem Prime
  • API Freswater Master Test Kit
  • Tetra Safe Start
  • API Quick Start


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